Hello, world!

Like everyone else, I am also posting a Hello, world! post as the first post on my blog.

This post is intended to be a test post to see if I was able to set up a static site.

This site uses Pelican to generate HTML from Markdown.

It uses a custom made theme which I made (not really, I didn't write a single line of CSS) using oxalorg's Sakura. It uses dark version of sakura as base stylesheet and Pygments with Monokai style for syntax highlighting.

Let's see if we can write bold and italics text with it. It is also renders images responsively.


Sample python code as syntax highlight test

from django.shortcuts import render

# show hello world page
def hello_world(request):
    return render(request, 'hello_world.html')

That's all I can think of now :)